Friday, January 23, 2015

Walking Towards Wholeness

My mom was a great deal of help at this time. She would do all kinds of exercises and therapy with me throughout the day. She told me that one time, she put me down at one end of the hallway and put Reese’s Pieces in front of me to get me to crawl down the hallway. It took me a couple hours to get down the length of the hallway. She also would stand me up in front of the TV and put pillows all around me, so when I would fall I would fall on the pillows. My mom would document every little improvement and show it to the doctor as proof that the Lord was healing me. She would show the doctor that I was able to stand alone on my own for a minute and a half and that was proof that the Lord was healing me.

For most of my childhood life, I had to wear a helmet because I fell so much. And at the age of 8 years, I got my first power wheelchair. They called it The Pony. It was bright orange. I still did not have a lot of muscle control so I ran into almost everything. But after a while, I got used to it.

Now around the same time, I knew that the Lord was going to have me doing something real great. Even though my speech was terrible, I wanted to be a preacher. You can imagine the feedback that I got from that. So many people told me that it was impossible. It would never happen. At the time I was telling people this, my sister was the only one that could understand. She had to tell my mom and dad what I would say. But still, I had a faith that the Lord was going to heal me.

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