Saturday, January 1, 2022


    It’s a new  year once again and I notice that I have familiar itch to start a new blog.  But if you know me I suck at blogging!!! I can’t keep it up. One of main reasons I try to focus on a single topic like God, disability, city, my city etc. Then I realize I’m not a experienced enough to keep on even a simi regular blog on any of these topics . Next I try to throw everything together and that’s not helpful ether. So this time I plan to just simply write. This blog  is called redefining wholeness and although it’s different for everyone, I have come to realize that for me it’s everything.

    The way we approach everything and how we do it is wholeness revealing itself.  If you follow my art, books , stories or videos you can see me and everything that goes with it. You can also see struggles with wholeness and how just like all of I’m still searching.

    So wish you and your family and friends a happy 2022! And this time I do plan writing about everything and just talking. Feel free to talk back as well. I would love to here from you.

Til next time have a joyful and full of love day.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Hello all!
I know I know we have been here before! I promised you a steady blog and I let you down!

The fact is that I hadn’t felt like I had anything important to write about!! Which I realize is quite silly! You probably would love to hear about my "boring stories", my good days as well as the bad and even my theological rants, which some of you may not agree with lol!

All that is to say that I’ll do my very best to keep you informed, hopefully inspired but certainly not always entertained. Also I apologize for my grammar.

So... on top of re kick starting this blog (which will be monthly to begin with), I want to share with you about this week.

Fallen Walls is back!!! Well... almost (I’ll explain in a moment). This last Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting with the new board of directors, 4 guys including myself that I’m sure I’ll talk about on a later post. This will become the first time Fallen Walls has ever been its own 501c3. FW has been around since October 2002. Its has gone through a lot of changes including logos, names and focuses. I remember starting out I just wanted to love on downtown Memphis and after I came back from taking part in Youth With A Mission’s Discipleship Training Program I knew that the aspect of missions had to be included in what FW was doing!!!

But something was still missing! Why was it not working? Why did I feel I didn’t fit in a mission organization or a church, which I so desperately wanted. But praise God for all of these questions that I had which brought me into a new season where I would go “rogue” so to speak! I learned through this time that I didn’t have to minister like everyone else but God gave me the ability to write, make art, and other mediums to preach The Gospel!  So in 2014 I said “ Fallen Walls is not working and all of my ideas about creating a missionary sending organization was something I cannot do” and started Daniel Aaron Harris Creations to focus of children who grew up with a disability just like me. Another thing that can out of my questions was my own discovery what does the Bible say about disability? And this lead me to creating a model by which people with all different abilities could not only be welcomed by the Church but take apart in Its edification as leaders!!!

This brings me back to reforming Fallen Walls! FW is about having all people regardless of what abilities you have! You may ask what about Daniel Aaron Harris Creations??? Well this is now under FW as our children ministry.

I said in the beginning FW IS ALL MOST A 501c3! We are about to file with IRS, in order to do we need 325.00

We are also looking for monthly donors who can help with 600.00

For right now you can still give by clicking on the donation button at this will lead you to the Dahc donation page, there you follow the directions.
Thanks for walking with us on the the next leg of our journey! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

No Promises!

Hey friends,
So here we go again. I hear from all my readers. “ another year of promising new blog post and then falling short”! And you have every right to feel that way, so in 2019 I am making no such claims...

I’m going to claim that every single post will be great pieces of wisdom or that I know just were I’m going with my post.
Has ałways my heart for this blog is that through being real, whimsical, creative and passionate, we will discover wholeness together.

For now allow me  lay out some of my goals/prayer points. 

  1. As of right now I’m doing a workshop at a disability and theology conference in May 
  2. Been working on a few writing projects that should be done by mid March.(some will be revealed on here soon)
  3. I will taking a few relational trips in the throughout the year.
  4. Writing children’s books is great and the next step for me is "book trailers” and a cartoon short. Look for all them here and all social media sites!
  5. Lastly I’m planning on breaching out trying out for some local plays ( I even got a new headshot done!  See above)

I’m trying to raise the extra money for all of these projects and many. I need close to 8,000
With your support I can share my arts, books and my time with so many more people. Help me change the way we view disability.
You can give through PayPal
Or though my friends at downtown church 

Go Create!

Daniel Aaron Harris 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019 here we go

Hey friends in 2019 please consider donating monthly or yearly this ministry.
With your support I can share my arts, books and my time with so many more people. Help me change the way we view disability.
You can give through PayPal
Or though my friends at downtown church 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Secure about being Insecure- No More!’s been awhile since my last post but by now your used to that from me. After all I’m not very consistent. This can be traced back to a whole host of things. The one reason for that comes to mind after all my schooling, 16 years in ministry, and almost 5 years of disability discovery ( which I’ll explain below) I stîll have insecurities. And this very thing holds me back all the time. Whose knows where it came from and frankly I don’t really care anymore! I can’t stand by and let my insecurities rip away at my city, my community, my friends, my church, my ministry, and myself anymore!!!

With that being said I have learned about disability discovery, what it’s means to be truly whole. In later blogs post I will share with you what I learned and review the books I have read. 

As I write this I’m finishing up my masters in ministry in 9 days. But what is the point of all this if don’t share my knowledge! I have been challenged by friends to write and engage more. And I apologize for not sharing my thoughts and ideas with you!

Thanks and I’ll see you soon! Meanwhile check out

Thursday, July 13, 2017

My confession

So, I guess it has been just over a year since my last confession, I mean my last blog... 

A lot has taken place. I started my masters, traveling to from Memphis to D.C. every 6 weeks, working on my art, writing books and learning all about disability.
The more I read on disability not only does my mind grow but my heart as well. Disability can reveal itself is many ways. So this a my confession. The real reason why I haven't blogged is not because I was too busy but of my own thoughts in my mind about my disability. It's a stigma on my physical disability that I allowed to enter not only my mind but my heart as well.

The name of this blog is "redefining wholeness'' in all aspects of my journey.  So I'm changing it up a bit in this new chapter. The three areas Celebration, Theological Thought, and my ministry as God fleshes it out.
I'm going to try to be more raw with my emotions too.
So sit back, read the past blogs and stay tune for next week.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Short Update

Hello all,
Greetings from downtown Memphis!

I moved back downtown about a week ago into a studio condo owned by a business owner friend downtown. It's temporary until my other place is ready! Although I love being back, my body is not used to all the demands of being a downtowner again.
I have got a chance to reunite with old neighbors and meet new ones!

I continue to hammer away at my Mdiv at Capital in DC and doing Downline in Memphis. Both  are really going well!
My personal goals in attending these classes is trying look at it through the lens of disability. This has become a 2 fold thought process. As a man who has a disability and has a heart for others that do as well - 1. how do I/we perceive the teaching of the Bible? 2. And how do I/we with that view in mind train and equip not only my those with disabilities but all different abilities?

Fallen Walls International 
Equip-ability. Equipping the weak and strong to lean on each other in every cities!

Starting next year I will going to more cities then ever with this one passion!

Team Europe- next year I would like to take this message across the pond! But I need your help with contacts, finances and resources. Together we can do this! Email me with if would like to help.


I need FWI's prayer Partners!!! Please email if you are interested!

Thank you all!