Friday, February 5, 2016

It's a process

Today marks a significant day in my life 23 years ago. In a minute I'll tell you but first allow me to explain the bigger question I think most of you have. 

Where have Daniel been??? Not a easy question to answer if I may add. I guess you may say I've been careful about sharing my thoughts in fear that I was thinking might be wrong. But instead of being careful I just didn't post at all! Sometimes not all but some, I feel like I'm walking egg shells like everyone is waiting for me to mess up.  Over the last few months I've been reading a lot on disability. One of the books talked about how because of stigmatization sometimes persons with disabilities its effects them/us more psychologically then the main cause of the the disability itself.

23 years ago today I became an bond slave of Jesus Christ! He chose me! And now as have come to understand, my life is now in him. 23 years ago a process started to take place. I'm part of the the Bride Of Christ! All my sin is and still is being washed away by His Blood!!! I've been declared lovable and in some verses in the Bible proclaims that Daniel died 23 years and the life I live is Christ working in me. So Jesus through His death and resurrection, give me a completely new whole life.

But... As someone who has the marks of a disability that I and others can touch or feel. Its forces us to wonder is that new life enough?  Can't I just be grateful? But I also that not did Jesus come to save us but also to start establishing HIS Kingdom! Clearly we see in His Word that this was only the beginning! So if you think about it nothing is completely done. We as the people of God are being transformed and renewed daily! The Kingdom of God is indeed at hand and we as believers get to take part in that.

As I continue to post in coming months I would encourage my brothers and sisters, lay and clergy, able-bodied and those who are differently-abled to join with me in remembering that wholeness for us all is a process that happens when I Lord comes back a second time.

So what is wholeness? It's a process! We have to actively wait. I'm called to take part just as much as you are. So let's wait, work and worship together until the Kingdom of God is fully established. On that day we all will be whole!

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