Friday, June 14, 2019

Hello all!
I know I know we have been here before! I promised you a steady blog and I let you down!

The fact is that I hadn’t felt like I had anything important to write about!! Which I realize is quite silly! You probably would love to hear about my "boring stories", my good days as well as the bad and even my theological rants, which some of you may not agree with lol!

All that is to say that I’ll do my very best to keep you informed, hopefully inspired but certainly not always entertained. Also I apologize for my grammar.

So... on top of re kick starting this blog (which will be monthly to begin with), I want to share with you about this week.

Fallen Walls is back!!! Well... almost (I’ll explain in a moment). This last Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting with the new board of directors, 4 guys including myself that I’m sure I’ll talk about on a later post. This will become the first time Fallen Walls has ever been its own 501c3. FW has been around since October 2002. Its has gone through a lot of changes including logos, names and focuses. I remember starting out I just wanted to love on downtown Memphis and after I came back from taking part in Youth With A Mission’s Discipleship Training Program I knew that the aspect of missions had to be included in what FW was doing!!!

But something was still missing! Why was it not working? Why did I feel I didn’t fit in a mission organization or a church, which I so desperately wanted. But praise God for all of these questions that I had which brought me into a new season where I would go “rogue” so to speak! I learned through this time that I didn’t have to minister like everyone else but God gave me the ability to write, make art, and other mediums to preach The Gospel!  So in 2014 I said “ Fallen Walls is not working and all of my ideas about creating a missionary sending organization was something I cannot do” and started Daniel Aaron Harris Creations to focus of children who grew up with a disability just like me. Another thing that can out of my questions was my own discovery what does the Bible say about disability? And this lead me to creating a model by which people with all different abilities could not only be welcomed by the Church but take apart in Its edification as leaders!!!

This brings me back to reforming Fallen Walls! FW is about having all people regardless of what abilities you have! You may ask what about Daniel Aaron Harris Creations??? Well this is now under FW as our children ministry.

I said in the beginning FW IS ALL MOST A 501c3! We are about to file with IRS, in order to do we need 325.00

We are also looking for monthly donors who can help with 600.00

For right now you can still give by clicking on the donation button at this will lead you to the Dahc donation page, there you follow the directions.
Thanks for walking with us on the the next leg of our journey!