Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Short Update

Hello all,
Greetings from downtown Memphis!

I moved back downtown about a week ago into a studio condo owned by a business owner friend downtown. It's temporary until my other place is ready! Although I love being back, my body is not used to all the demands of being a downtowner again.
I have got a chance to reunite with old neighbors and meet new ones!

I continue to hammer away at my Mdiv at Capital in DC and doing Downline in Memphis. Both  are really going well!
My personal goals in attending these classes is trying look at it through the lens of disability. This has become a 2 fold thought process. As a man who has a disability and has a heart for others that do as well - 1. how do I/we perceive the teaching of the Bible? 2. And how do I/we with that view in mind train and equip not only my those with disabilities but all different abilities?

Fallen Walls International 
Equip-ability. Equipping the weak and strong to lean on each other in every cities!

Starting next year I will going to more cities then ever with this one passion!

Team Europe- next year I would like to take this message across the pond! But I need your help with contacts, finances and resources. Together we can do this! Email me with if would like to help.


I need FWI's prayer Partners!!! Please email if you are interested!

Thank you all!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I'm downtown again!!!

Hey brothers or sisters in Christ,

I'm writing each of you today to join me in another year of ministry.
Fallen walls relaunch..
Most of you probably know about fallen walls  but let me take a moment to break it down.
- I (Daniel) started FWI in October 2002.
- Mission
Fallen Walls International trains, equips and mobilizes city  dwellers to proclaim that in Jesus Christ there are no barriers regardless of their abilities.
Though  discipleship and proclamation, this message of wholeness enables ministers to minister in their own cities freely regardless of their abilities.

- through my disability I have been  blessed to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Using art, writing, being a pastoral consultant, sitting on various committees or just being a friend.
- I estimated this ministry reaches close to 500 yearly. My close circle of people I minister to monthly is about 50.
- God has me in...
District of Columbia 
And more cities to come.

- last Sunday I moved back downtown after a long rest since May! God has show me so much this summer and now I'm ready for another year!!!
Ways you can help.

1. Pray for me as missionary that I would be guided by His Spirit  and not my own.
2. Sponsor..
A. 1 month downtown- 1,200.00
B. A city visit - 800.00
C. A mission trip - 2,000.00
FWI i s looking to raise 36,000 to 48,000 dollars for next year will you help me.


Monday, October 3, 2016

FWI is 14 yrs old I'm 36 and still running!!!

Hey all, 
I hope this letter finds you well! As I take a look at everything I have going- being in seminary, doing Downline, working on several writing projects, setting on committees, and keeping up with those I have been given to pastor- I can't help to think about how it all started.

14 years ago in October I started fallen walls international. Going downtown once a week with my dad and volunteers to pass out food etc. After a while this wasn't quite what I had in mind. It was then that I would begin learning a important lesson that I would struggle with for the next 14 years. God wasn't calling me to do something for those around me but rather be who He created me to be. That was the real gift that God was giving to those around me, it was me.  Over the years God has manifested this in many different ways though being a neighbor in downtown Memphis to being close friends to those half way across the country, to not being ashamed of my art or writings, and now though using me in Seminary.

Over the last 14 years God has faithfully used my life to advance His Gospel!!! It has been a long journey but I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Soo.... Let's Celebrate!
October 15th
Crosstown Arts
Donations at the door appreciated 
6pm to 9pm 
Come buy some art and support the next 14 years!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Being instead of doing!

Hi guys!
As the summer comes to a close and reflect on my goings and comings, I'm so thankful for what God has been doing. For years I have felt this struggle to produce a good program and proof that I needed a big staff to get it done. Spending time with friends and family this summer I realized that it's not about doing but being!
I took a hard look at Fallen Walls and realized GOD is the one doing and I'm just along for the ride. As I step back and looked then I could see to fruit of almost 15 years of ministry this October. Amazing!!! Below is my mission statement, a brief description, where I have and where I hope to go. Will you partner in prayer and possibly a financial gift?  

Who I am:
Pastoral Consultant, Writer, Artist and Activist
What FWI:
Fallen Walls International trains, equips and mobilizes urban ministers to proclaim that in Jesus Christ there are no barriers regardless of their abilities.

Ministering one of one in these cities 
1. Memphis 
2. District of Columbia 
3. Portland
5. Seattle
6. Denver 
I hope to make contact with ministers in these cities in 2017:
1. New York 
2. Detroit 
3. Boston
4. And a friend and I are planning a Europe trip next summer to make contacts there as well!

Please consider meeting with me for for information on how to help! Thanks!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Standing Up For Whołeness

A few days ago I had the honor to stand with evangelical brothers sisters, proclaiming that our faith is greater than the redric of Tumps. Below is my speech.  You may ask what does this have to do with your mission or redefining wholeness? Sometimes we have to look inside ourselves to find it and I have. Other times you/we need to remind others of our wholeness.

Faith Trumps fear press conference speech:  

From the very birth of our nation in 1776 people with disabilities has played a key role in our history 
Stephen Hopkins although he had Palsy in his hand was still able to sign the independence by declaring "my hand trembles, but heart does not". Hopkins had a dream of a better America where all men are created equal. Hopkins was a part of the " we the people" as is all people with disabilities, every race, ethnicity we are all part of that. But I don't think mr trump understands this fully.

By mocking and shaming Serge Kovaleski of the New York Times publicly. Clearly he does hold the American values.
I am here today as a minister, a activate, a artist,writer and a American voter. But why should mr trump get my vote?

Mr tump has said in the past that my community/ those with disabilities are some how lower than those who are temporary abled body. And ask you againWhy should this man get my vote? 

As a Christian this  truth is built on something so much more important- the Gospel! 
We are created in the image of God!
God so loved The World that his only Son to die for it

All through the bible we have leaders such as Moses, David, Mary, Paul etc who God uses their weaknesses more then their strengths. Even Jesus emptied himself of his power when came to earth. 

We can see that in Christianity things such as weakness, poor, community are to Be up held not power, wealth and self reliance.  

So if Donald J Trump can't hold to this truth that is self evident then he won't get my vote and challenge my       evangelical brothers and sisters to do the same.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Word On Lent As I Walk Towards Wholeness

You ever heard someone say I don't like change? Some people are terrified at the thought meeting new people,trying new things, living in different places, and etc. I have many friends and family members like this, some are so bold that they say "I'm afraid but this how God me". Let's call  this group A. Now other is group B, in which I also to have family and friends in. Group B says " along as people have my ideals, I'm fine with change!" This group is a lot of Christians I know, the idea that the rule and reign of Jesus Christ (The Kingdom of God) on earth will melt away any differences that we have and The Body Of Christ (The Church) is His  reflection of this on earth. In 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 Paul does his best to describe this body. In 12-14 he says we who are in this body can't forget even though its one body, that body has many members who do many different things. Paul goes on to say that each member is important and valuable to the body as a whole.  Let's put the brakes on right their.  Most of my Christians friends would tell you " yes we are all one body under Jesus Christ therefore we got our group of members who are the same and you have yours and one we will meet in heaven where God will say good job. - the end".
Even in our world God shows us that this idea of being the same doesn't work. Why? Because God designed diversity. He made us male,female, deferent races, different abilities and much more. God created one world but with water and land. God clearly loves diversity and He also designed us as people to love it too. Diversity keeps us from going mad! Everyone is diverse in some way or another from food to music to art. So you can't say "I don't like change" you do! The real question is how much change are you willing to take? Or maybe the right word is bare? But what does the word say about that? It's says take my burden for it light and give me yours! (I'm paraphrasing) but the point we are to give our worries to him are we not? Paul takes it step more saying "it is longer I who live but Christ who lives in me by faith " gal. 2:20.

This Week we as Christians celebrate Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent. Instead of abstaining from something in order to prepare our for this resurrection season, let's cast off our worries! Let's start a relationship with someone outside our comfort zones. Maybe this means hanging out at unfamiliar places or trying a new things. Invite Jesus to use you to be His hands and feet. So for this next 40 days let's invite people into our time of Lent. It order for us to do this we have to give our fears and  burdens to Him. In so doing we become more like Him and that's the true reason for Lent.

Friday, February 5, 2016

It's a process

Today marks a significant day in my life 23 years ago. In a minute I'll tell you but first allow me to explain the bigger question I think most of you have. 

Where have Daniel been??? Not a easy question to answer if I may add. I guess you may say I've been careful about sharing my thoughts in fear that I was thinking might be wrong. But instead of being careful I just didn't post at all! Sometimes not all but some, I feel like I'm walking egg shells like everyone is waiting for me to mess up.  Over the last few months I've been reading a lot on disability. One of the books talked about how because of stigmatization sometimes persons with disabilities its effects them/us more psychologically then the main cause of the the disability itself.

23 years ago today I became an bond slave of Jesus Christ! He chose me! And now as have come to understand, my life is now in him. 23 years ago a process started to take place. I'm part of the the Bride Of Christ! All my sin is and still is being washed away by His Blood!!! I've been declared lovable and in some verses in the Bible proclaims that Daniel died 23 years and the life I live is Christ working in me. So Jesus through His death and resurrection, give me a completely new whole life.

But... As someone who has the marks of a disability that I and others can touch or feel. Its forces us to wonder is that new life enough?  Can't I just be grateful? But I also that not did Jesus come to save us but also to start establishing HIS Kingdom! Clearly we see in His Word that this was only the beginning! So if you think about it nothing is completely done. We as the people of God are being transformed and renewed daily! The Kingdom of God is indeed at hand and we as believers get to take part in that.

As I continue to post in coming months I would encourage my brothers and sisters, lay and clergy, able-bodied and those who are differently-abled to join with me in remembering that wholeness for us all is a process that happens when I Lord comes back a second time.

So what is wholeness? It's a process! We have to actively wait. I'm called to take part just as much as you are. So let's wait, work and worship together until the Kingdom of God is fully established. On that day we all will be whole!