Saturday, January 1, 2022


    It’s a new  year once again and I notice that I have familiar itch to start a new blog.  But if you know me I suck at blogging!!! I can’t keep it up. One of main reasons I try to focus on a single topic like God, disability, city, my city etc. Then I realize I’m not a experienced enough to keep on even a simi regular blog on any of these topics . Next I try to throw everything together and that’s not helpful ether. So this time I plan to just simply write. This blog  is called redefining wholeness and although it’s different for everyone, I have come to realize that for me it’s everything.

    The way we approach everything and how we do it is wholeness revealing itself.  If you follow my art, books , stories or videos you can see me and everything that goes with it. You can also see struggles with wholeness and how just like all of I’m still searching.

    So wish you and your family and friends a happy 2022! And this time I do plan writing about everything and just talking. Feel free to talk back as well. I would love to here from you.

Til next time have a joyful and full of love day.