Wednesday, January 23, 2019

No Promises!

Hey friends,
So here we go again. I hear from all my readers. “ another year of promising new blog post and then falling short”! And you have every right to feel that way, so in 2019 I am making no such claims...

I’m going to claim that every single post will be great pieces of wisdom or that I know just were I’m going with my post.
Has ałways my heart for this blog is that through being real, whimsical, creative and passionate, we will discover wholeness together.

For now allow me  lay out some of my goals/prayer points. 

  1. As of right now I’m doing a workshop at a disability and theology conference in May 
  2. Been working on a few writing projects that should be done by mid March.(some will be revealed on here soon)
  3. I will taking a few relational trips in the throughout the year.
  4. Writing children’s books is great and the next step for me is "book trailers” and a cartoon short. Look for all them here and all social media sites!
  5. Lastly I’m planning on breaching out trying out for some local plays ( I even got a new headshot done!  See above)

I’m trying to raise the extra money for all of these projects and many. I need close to 8,000
With your support I can share my arts, books and my time with so many more people. Help me change the way we view disability.
You can give through PayPal
Or though my friends at downtown church 

Go Create!

Daniel Aaron Harris 

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