Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Short Update

Hello all,
Greetings from downtown Memphis!

I moved back downtown about a week ago into a studio condo owned by a business owner friend downtown. It's temporary until my other place is ready! Although I love being back, my body is not used to all the demands of being a downtowner again.
I have got a chance to reunite with old neighbors and meet new ones!

I continue to hammer away at my Mdiv at Capital in DC and doing Downline in Memphis. Both  are really going well!
My personal goals in attending these classes is trying look at it through the lens of disability. This has become a 2 fold thought process. As a man who has a disability and has a heart for others that do as well - 1. how do I/we perceive the teaching of the Bible? 2. And how do I/we with that view in mind train and equip not only my those with disabilities but all different abilities?

Fallen Walls International 
Equip-ability. Equipping the weak and strong to lean on each other in every cities!

Starting next year I will going to more cities then ever with this one passion!

Team Europe- next year I would like to take this message across the pond! But I need your help with contacts, finances and resources. Together we can do this! Email me with if would like to help.


I need FWI's prayer Partners!!! Please email if you are interested!

Thank you all!

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