Thursday, July 13, 2017

My confession

So, I guess it has been just over a year since my last confession, I mean my last blog... 

A lot has taken place. I started my masters, traveling to from Memphis to D.C. every 6 weeks, working on my art, writing books and learning all about disability.
The more I read on disability not only does my mind grow but my heart as well. Disability can reveal itself is many ways. So this a my confession. The real reason why I haven't blogged is not because I was too busy but of my own thoughts in my mind about my disability. It's a stigma on my physical disability that I allowed to enter not only my mind but my heart as well.

The name of this blog is "redefining wholeness'' in all aspects of my journey.  So I'm changing it up a bit in this new chapter. The three areas Celebration, Theological Thought, and my ministry as God fleshes it out.
I'm going to try to be more raw with my emotions too.
So sit back, read the past blogs and stay tune for next week.


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