Thursday, September 27, 2018

Secure about being Insecure- No More!’s been awhile since my last post but by now your used to that from me. After all I’m not very consistent. This can be traced back to a whole host of things. The one reason for that comes to mind after all my schooling, 16 years in ministry, and almost 5 years of disability discovery ( which I’ll explain below) I stîll have insecurities. And this very thing holds me back all the time. Whose knows where it came from and frankly I don’t really care anymore! I can’t stand by and let my insecurities rip away at my city, my community, my friends, my church, my ministry, and myself anymore!!!

With that being said I have learned about disability discovery, what it’s means to be truly whole. In later blogs post I will share with you what I learned and review the books I have read. 

As I write this I’m finishing up my masters in ministry in 9 days. But what is the point of all this if don’t share my knowledge! I have been challenged by friends to write and engage more. And I apologize for not sharing my thoughts and ideas with you!

Thanks and I’ll see you soon! Meanwhile check out

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